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The evoSuite online booking system is a state-of the-art tool focused on increasing your direct bookings.

Offer a simple two-step booking process system.
All bookings and payments are made in real time
Set up dynamic pricing.     
Handle multiple currencies and rates. 
Interface with most major PMS systems - including Opera, CMS Hospitality, RoomMaster, and many more!     
Create a comprehensive Central Reservation System.     
Fully integrated with DPS, a preeminent online payment company.     
Capture referral information.     
Offer multiple packages or deals on a single room or activity.   
Streamline your events and functions - allocate a certain amount of rooms for an event, issue promo codes with special rates and extras attached.    
Add extras like bedding configuration, cooked breakfast or a chilled bottle of champagne in a guest's room on arrival.    
Offer activities to your customers, set times, seasonal rates, and offer packages and extras.    
Interface your evoSuite Booking Engine on Facebook and mobile phones.     
Log-in available for Travel Agents to book at their own rate.
Use the comprehensive evoSuite ebooking reports to view your marketing, sales and online bookings.    
You can manage your inventory and booking engine system directly from your evoSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
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Plus, Hotel channel manager integration

With the evoSuite hotel channel manager you can manage your online booking system across your channels from one place. Now you can update every channel automatically and ensure potential customers will always find your latest offers on your choice of channel.

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