Client Relationship Management System|CRM

evoSuite CRM is designed to help you find and attract new customers, nurture those customer relationships, and reduce the cost of marketing and client service. 

Make it easy for your sales force to enter and track their leads and convert them into sales.
Store your leads in a database for future communications and convert them into real opportunities.
Ensure no opportunity is lost by centralising all information and tracking action points.
View, manage and track all opportunities at any stage of the sales process.
With a central dashboard to work from, its never been easier or faster to engage your audience at every digital touchpoint.
Maintain customer data and distribution distribution lists to send attractive, branded communications.
Stay in touch with your customers, nurture relationships and convert communications into sales.
Set up and maintain product information like brochures, catalogues and price lists and interface with the documents module to send them to your customers with communications.
Save time by publishing your communications easily in multiple places with the Announcements and eMarketing modules.
Customer Service
Improve client relationships and your service by simplifying the service process.
Create, maintain and store a knowledge base from product knowledge to training material.
Build a valuable customer service information database and ensure quality communication with your customers.
Improve efficiency and enhance customer service with a centralised support system, the ultimate electronic client filing system.
Ensure your team always has the latest product information on hand.

CRM is a widely implemented strategy for managing interactions with customers and sales prospects. It involves using a system to organise, automate, and synchronise business processes - principally sales activities, marketing, customer service and technical support.

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