Our Solutions
There are two different interfaces, what we refer to as solutions, for managing your evoSuite tools: web-based evoWeb, and the more powerful Microsoft Windows™ based evoWin platforms. 

The web-based evoSuite solution is a powerful set of marketing automation tools that will make it easier to communicate with clients, staff and stakeholders through multiple channels. With over 100 innovative features and huge flexibility, evoWeb will enable you to administer all of your marketing modules online, streamlining your marketing and giving you a simpler way of managing your communications.

The cloud-based evoSuite solution offers a whole new layer of functionality to the evoWeb marketing automation platform. With advanced features and powerful reporting capabilities, evoWin for Cloud will streamline and automate all of your communications, manage your customer relationships and integrate your modules in an intelligent marketing database.

     evoWeb      evoWin for Cloud

Web-based Frontend
 All of evoWeb features plus fast Windows based Frontend
Cloud Data Backend
Cloud Data Backend (web-services)
Huge flexibility Advanced management features
Manage your communications Powerful custom reporting
Manage your website Advanced campaign management

Customise data
Learn more about evoSuite for Web Learn more about evoSuite for Outlook

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