eMarketing and Social Media

Take your marketing to the next level with the evoSuite eMarketing module. 

Send the right message to your customers with dynamic email newsletters, harness the power of social media, create custom forms for your website and chat live to your customers - all using your evoSuite software.

Send attractive branded emails.
Stay in touch with your customers, nurture relationships and convert communications into sales.
Interact with your website visitors and capture their information to increase your database of contacts for future email campaigns.
Transfer website news, galleries and your evoSuite booking engine from your website to your Facebook page.
Embed a social media widget on your website to make it easier for visitors to share content with their friends.
Engage visitors with a stylish, branded Facebook welcome page creating brand consistency and turning visitors into fans.
Turn website visitors into promoters as they share your eCards with friends and family on social networks.
Answer your customers questions instantly, improving your service and customer experience using live chat and Skype.  
Interact directly with customers, creating a knowledge sharing base and a place for online communities to talk about your business.

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