Create and communicate news, events, seminars, product information, promotions and much more. 

Publish news on multiple platforms in a stylish and customisable template.
Keep people informed by communicating your business news, build credibility, educate your staff and customers and get better rankings in search engines.
Create events and easily advertise them.
Store all of your event information in one place and share your event with your audience.
Post product related communications, FAQ's, knowledge base articles and more.
Create the ultimate knowledge sharing database for your customers, suppliers and staff.
Create and manage all types of customer communication.
Publish testimonials and positive third party comments to showcase your business success stories.  
Easily create and advertise promotions and lock promos for specific groups.
Allure and engage customers and attract new business.

We've made it easy to manage and distribute your Announcements to your website, mobile site, social media sites, RSS feeds, email and more. Now your Announcements can go right where you need them to, maintaining your presence on multiple digital channels and dramatically reducing the amount of time you spend on your communications.

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